Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Negative Effects of Surrogacy

Negative Effects of surrogate mother on society ...

Surrogate motherhood brings about both negative and positive effects to the society.

2.1 Amplify the social and economic differences

The surrogacy will affect the social too. Surrogacy will amplify the social and economic differences between the upper class, the rich couples and the lower class, the relatively poor surrogate mother. A typical surrogacy agreement in 1987 provided $10,000 for the surrogate mother, $10,000 for the lawyer, and $5,000 for the medical expenses involved and for maternity clothes. The couple's joint annual income exceeded $100,000, whereas the surrogate's annual income was $8,000. Moreover, the high cost of surrogacy mean that only the rich will be able to employ surrogate mother and that is stating that the rich are more superior to reproduce than the poor (Dorff 1998).

2.2 Degradation of women

Another effect of surrogacy on the society is the degradation of women in the society. Surrogacy is widely rejected by many of the societies. Since only women are involved in surrogate motherhood, the status of women will be degraded in the society. Surrogacy is seen by the society as an immoral conduct that involves selling the human body. Women transform their reproduction abilities into commercial values in the market. They are considered unethical and dishonourable in the society. Many surrogate mothers are discriminated against and face many problems in the society (Dorff 1998)

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