Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Positive Effects

Parenting dream for infertile couples

In this modern culture a couple is expected to have children, after a time of being together. They may think that is not perfect if they do not have children of their own. A child today is expected to carry on the family name. Parents also want an heir to their possessions, as well as to the family business. A couple which wanted children, but were unable to have children, in the past only had two options either adoption or remain childless. Adoption may not always be the answer to gaining a child because it is not their own child. Today, surrogacy can help a couple solve the two options above. Many couples who chose to remain childless often lose a feeling of self-worth, and are abandoning by society. Surrogate motherhood enables infertile couple to have children. They can hire a surrogate mother to gestate a child for them. Other cases of surrogacy include the brother or sister providing the eggs or a female relative bearing the child. The main factor is that they want a child. Surrogate motherhood has enabled many infertile couples to have children and realized their dream of parenting (Vadeboncoeur 1995). The Office of Technology Assessment in the US estimated in 1988, around 600 children were born through the means of a surrogate mother. In other words, 600 pairs of infertile couple were able to have children (Swift Current Academy n.d.).

Redefined of motherhood

raditionally, the role of ‘mother’ is assigned to the woman that give birth to a biologically related baby. Now, with the emergence of surrogate mothers, ‘motherhood’ is redefined. Surrogate mother carry and give birth to a baby that is not biologically related. She contributed time, effort, love, good maternal environment and ultimately gave birth to a baby. These are sufficient for her to be considered a mother although the baby and her are not biologically related (Jones 2002).

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